Wednesday, 15 August 2018

long hair

People have been asking about how long I’ve been  growing my hair? Well i have been growing my hair since I was I baby. So I have been growing my hair for 10 years.

What conditioner do I use?
Well i use L'oreaL to keep my hair soft. The other conditioner i use is Dove and it small so good.

People ask me” is it hard to put up my hair”? Well it is sometimes hard  but you just have to get used to it. Did you know that when my mum was young she had long hair like me. I like to put my hair up at night so it doesn't go knotty.   

  • What do you like about my hair?
  • What things Should i do with my hair.
  • Should i put my hair up or down?
  • Should i wash my hair 3 weeks or once a week?
  • Should i cut my hair or not cut my hair?

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