Wednesday, 15 August 2018

long hair

People have been asking about how long I’ve been  growing my hair? Well i have been growing my hair since I was I baby. So I have been growing my hair for 10 years.

What conditioner do I use?
Well i use L'oreaL to keep my hair soft. The other conditioner i use is Dove and it small so good.

People ask me” is it hard to put up my hair”? Well it is sometimes hard  but you just have to get used to it. Did you know that when my mum was young she had long hair like me. I like to put my hair up at night so it doesn't go knotty.   

  • What do you like about my hair?
  • What things Should i do with my hair.
  • Should i put my hair up or down?
  • Should i wash my hair 3 weeks or once a week?
  • Should i cut my hair or not cut my hair?

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sione lea.

Sione Lea.

He plays for Taranaki and Tonga and he used to play for Hurricane. He was born in Tonga 1978 years ago.  His position is prop and hooker. He played rugby for 7 years now. My dad and mum got married at 19 and they had their first child called Eva. Also they got married in 2006. His family’s name are Sione , Salote , Eva , Jay-Dee , Tuni , Marylnn. My dad is Tongan and also half Niuean means that  it is half Tongan and half New Zealander. His height is 1.32m/weight is 108kg. When he was a teenager he went to Wesly College.

Monday, 11 June 2018

The beautiful Ngamotu Beach.

The sand at Ngamotu beach  is grey and it is also hot to touch.  The rocks are made out of volcano rocks. The temperature  is sometimes cold and warm and also hot.The weather can changes because of the seasons .

At Ngamotu beach they  have sea animals like sea lions and also fish like a king fish. The water is quite dark so we don’t see animals very often.

People go to the beach because if it is hot you might want to swim or play with the sand or go kayaking or fishing. One thing people cannot do is take their dog for a walk on that beach.

There are other beaches around Taranaki such as Fitzroy Beach and Oakura Beach. The safest beach to swim is Ngamotu Beach in New Plymouth because it has no waves.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Trip to S.P.C.A.

The Trip to S.P.C.A.
Made by: Eva & Ella.

How to hold a cat
  • Place one hand under its belly.
  • Place other hand on its bottom.
  • Hold the cat close to your body. Make sure the feet don’t dangle.
How to hold a puppy.
  • Gently put your hands around your dog’s chest.
  • Gently pick it up and hold it close to your body.

How to choose the right pet
If you have a baby you might want to choose a puppy because the puppy will grow with the child. Make sure you have a big backyard for a dog make sure you have enough time to walk your dog. Also make sure that you have a big deck.

What is the S.P.C.A and what do they do?
What do they do with the dogs and cats?
  • They play with the dogs and feed and wash also.
  • They protect animals like cats and dogs and a rooster from the streets that don’t have a home.
  • S.P.C.A stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • This means to stop people hurting animals.
  • They make sure the animals aren't sick  

Information about our visit.
Liza took me and Ella to the S.P.C.A.
When we got in we had to look at big cats and little dogs
like puppies. We got to play with the cats because they
don’t bite and the dogs we couldn't play with because they bite a lot.
Some dogs need to get adopted because the S.P.C.A needs more space for other dogs or cats.
The animals need a healthy body and a new home to live in.
We got a tour around the S.P.C.A and she showed us the shed of things like towels and beds and clothes.  We saw a dog and her name is Lucy and she was wearing a christmas outfit.

This is Lucy.

Our Own Information About  The S.P.C.A.

My favorite part of the S.P.C.A  is the dogs because they were so cute that my eyes were going to pop. Also the rooster was so big and fat and so UGLY that I burst out laughing!!!!
Eva Lea

My Favorite part of the S.P.C.A. was the roster it was UGLY!!! The dogs were so CUTE and the dog ’’Lucy’’ she was wearing a christmas outfit.
Ella M


Thursday, 31 May 2018


At WITT we had to do this thing were it is part of learning like what they do.
Have you been there for how many times?
What did you do with  hair?
How did you go with your hair?
Here are some photo of Eva and Ella and Liza doing are hair? 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Colourful Kiwi

1.What is our  art about? 
Our art is about kiwi were they are eating rubbish.
2.Why are we doing this?
We are doing this so that  people don't put  rubbish  in  the bush's.
3.Who am i working with?
I am working with  Emily  we are doing this together  because  we are in the same group and she had no  one to work with.
4.What Colors did we use.
We used pink/Red,Fluo yellow,Fluo green, cool blue.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

A puppy!!!!

A puppy!!!! Questions. Same puppy weigh 1-3 lb (0.45–1.36 kg) All healthy puppies grow quickly after birth. Now moving on to a photo that Explain the puppy. If your dog has stopped giving birth but you're expecting more puppies, call the vet.